Mountain Formation

Plate tectonics and mountains Both the circum-pacific mountain belt and the Eurasian-Melanesian mountain belt are located along convergent plate boundaries. Scientists think that the location of these two mountain belts is evidence that most mountains were formed when lithospheric plates collided. Collisions Between Continental and Oceanic Crust;some mountains form when oceanic crust and continental creust colide at convergent plate boundaries. When the moving plates collide,the oceanic crust is subducted beneath the continental crust. Colllisions Between Oceanic Crust and Oceanic Crust;Volcanic mountains sometimes form where two plates with oceanic crust at their edges collide. One oceanic plate subducts beneath the other oceanic plate. As the oceanic plate subducts,water from the subducting lithosphere induces partial melting of mantle material to from magma. The magma rises and breaks through the oceanic crust.these eruptions form an arc of volcanic mountains on the ocean floor. Collisions Between Continents;Mountains can also form when two continents collide. The himalaya mountains were formed by just such a colision,according to the theory of plate tectonics,India was at one time a separate continent riding on the Indian plate,which was moving north roward Eurasia

Mountain range is a groupof adjacent mountains with the same general shape and structure. Example is mount everest has the highest elevation of any mountain on earth rising 8 km above sea level. Mountain system is a group of individual mountains that make up a range,a group of adjacent mountain ranges make up a mountain system. Mountain belt is two major mountain belts on earth,the circum-pacific belt and the Erasian_melanesian belt runs from the Pacific islands through asia and southern Europe and into northwestern Africa.

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