The earth in space

The earth viewed from space, the earth appears to be a perfect sphere. On a perfect sphere, the circumference,or distance around, is the same no matter where it is measured. careful measurements reveal that the earth’s circumference caries slightly, depending on where it is measured. Because of differences in the earth’s circumference, the earth is more accurately described as an oblate spheroid, a slightly flatteren sphere. The earth is seventy one percent covered by water, and about ninety seven percent of that water is in tha salty oceans. The remaining three percent of earth’s water is fresh water that is found in lakes,rivers and streams and that is frozen glaciers and the polar ice sheets. All of the earth’s water makes up the atmosphere,If you ever used a magnetic compass to find dierection, you know that  the earth acts as a geant magnet. Like a bar magnet,the earth has two magnetic field extend between the Northern Geomagnetic Pole and the Southern Geomagnetic Pole.The earth’s magnetic field also effects an area that extends beyond the atmosphere. This region of space, wich is affected by the eart’s magnetic field,is called the magnetosphere. The seventeenth century British scientist Isaac Newton made many contributtions to the fieldsof mathematics,physics, and astronomy. Among tyhe most important were hes studies of gravity, the force of attraction that exist between all matter in the universe.

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